Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Day- 2/18/14
Current Mood- owwie
Description- I got my shots today....poo.....Well...1 shot...still...oww...The doctor put in in my shoulder. That usually strikes pain into my arm, making it weaker. But this time: it didn't happen. Is it because it is not in it's usual spot? The doctor usually puts in my top part of my arm, in my muscle. And that's what strikes pain. When I found out that Mom said yes to the shot, I almost had a HEART ATTACK. I cried, too. I was like, "Nooooo....Noo...Nu!!!" She said, "Ready?" I was about to answer "no" but the needle went in...I was like "oh!". And that's why I didn't go to school, today.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Day- 2/15/14
Current mood- Bored and sad
Description- Where was my Cupid yesterday? InuYasha, you idiot, leaving me all alone. I should stab you but I love you too much. Well, I'm really bored of my meez VIP even though it has been a week and one day. I kinda don't even really use the VIP animations, except for VIp break Dance and VIP flirt. Sometimes VIP side lay. And sometimes the VIP effect. PS. I got to see my fave radio station location and I'm going to a concert tonight. I admit it. I use the VIP animations sometimes.

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Day- 2/814
Current Mood- MAD
Description- Yesterday, on meez, I was about to go into my rook on my VIP account. It said: loading then disconnected. And it asked to you reconnect but it NEVER reconnected. Luckily I have backups.......just not VIP account backups. Which sucks. I asked one of my VIP friends about it and she said that when she first got it, it did the same. She said that she had to wait a WEEK before it would let her in the rooms again. I'll be dead before that. Besides, I'm doing a project in Spanish on Novi....Don't ask. I need her as soon as possible because for the project. :/ My VIP friend said that it may be a problem with the VIP and your animations getting mixed together. I feel bad because she said it's between one WEEK or TWO WEEKS to wait for it. HELL NO!! I'll die before then!! At least I'll have all the VIP only animations that you can buy in meez nation. But, I will miss break dancing. Luckily, my Spanish teacher can video tape it and give me the video. Besides, some of my other accounts aren't that fun as novi. Novi was the richest account and she was fun. I hope I have to wait only a week like my friend, BTW she loses her VIP on Sunday, poor girl. I created a room that's all black and when I break dance in it....it looks so cool!! I'm going to miss my VIP. I wish I had bought 3 months if I knew that this was going to happen. But It looks like I'm dead forever. Well, for a while until novi flies back to me. The only problem is, I will have 3 weeks or 2 weeks to enjoy her until her VIP runs out. I'm going to ask for a 3 month VIP for my b-day, again. It seems like the week not going into rooms didn't happen to everyone. I wonder why. Will I do the same thing if I get VIP for my b-day? Well, it won't matter, I'll have the summer to enjoy it and it will have a 3 month.

Friday, February 7, 2014


Day- 2/7/14
Current Mood- Spaced out
Description- I got my VIP today because school got canceled. I already bought all the VIP animations. So, one of my friends got VIP, too. I was gonna hold a free VIP contest, but I spent all over it....Oops. So no contest...:/...Well, I'm playing meez so bye!

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Day- 1/6/14
Current mood- ready to die
Descrition- I'm MAD. None of my friends have time for me. My friend on meez, told me to find a friend and then she left! WTF!!!?? I mean, really?! That's just what I'm talking about! Friends have time for each other. Nevermind, I just took a shower and I feel better....so BLAH

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Day- 2/2/14
Current mood- feeling restless
Description- I found a girl on meez that like InuYasha. Her username is Sango something (number). I am getting on meez a month VIP! What I have to say to InuYasha is: I have died everyday waiting for you for a thousand years. I will love you for forever. The song is called A Thousand Years. The real line is: I will love you for a thousand years.